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If you need some answers or like to have information on topics related to anti-nano devices, EMF protection, EMF shielding, but also topics related to online presence, or online business and income online, please submit your request via the form above.  

My current consultations

Online-internet presence & income

How to create your home on the internet, promote yours, or others, products or services, share your ideas, generate revenues.

Antinano (Devices & Detox Protocols)

How to build and optimize your anti-nano devices. How to select the correct material and components

EMF Shielding & Protection

How to identify the direction and the source of EMF radiation. What material to you, how to apply the shielding, and more.

Medical Device Int'l Business Development

Are you a Medical Device manufacturer and want to expand internationally? Let's talk and find out how my experience and knowledge in the segment, may benefit your company.

Other Topics

Other topics.

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I greatly appreciated the consultation Yannis provided me. He is a very knowledgeable engineer with plenty of technical skills that may guide you in the long-term endeavor of detoxing from nano but he unexpectedly showed also great spiritual insights and benevolence toward fellow mankind. I gained a lot of information on how to deactivate nano and how to remove them from our bodies but I also picked up some valuable spiritual wisdom that was new to me that I will share with other people for its life-changing potential. Definitely a truly great experience worth every second!

Antonio, Italy

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