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If you need answers and solutions that really work for your health issues and reverse the bad health to good one again, or if you are looking for detoxification from engineered nanoparticles, please submit your request via the form. 

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Consultation with Tony Pantalleresco*

Restore your health, treat and heal health issues with natural remedies

Consultation and remedies that work for improving or restoring health

Antinano (Devices & Detox Protocols)

Nano detox protocols & devices

For consultation with Tony if possible use Zoom

The preferred way of communication with Tony is via the Zoom application. If you have not yet installed it on your computer or mobile, you can visit, create an account and install the application. Of course, email or phone calls can work as well.

For consultation with Tony if possible use Zoom

One-hour consultation fee is $63 USD.

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