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Restore your health, treat and heal health issues with natural remedies

How to create your home on the internet, promote your product or services, share your ideas, and generate revenues.

Antinano (Devices & Detox Protocols)

How to build and optimize your anti-nano devices. How to select the correct material and components

For consultation with Tony if possible use Zoom

The preferred way of communication with Tony is via the Zoom application. If you have not installed it on your computer or mobile, visit, create an account, and install the application. Of course, email or phone calls can work as well.

Fees for consultation with Tony

Please make sure you will pay the consultation fee after the form submission.

If you are "vaccinated" against "COVID-19", please do not purchase the consultation as we are not sure all the remedies that were working before, with the genetic code changes, we are not sure will be helpful. Tony can not ensure his consultation will benefit the vaccinated against COVID-19.

One-hour consultation fee is $100 USD.

When pressing the button Book Consultation to send the email, you will be redirected to the payment page.

Choose more hours on the payment page if it requires more time.

Tony may not contact you if you do not purchase/pay the $100 USD.

A percentage of the consultation fee is financing this site as well.

Thank you for respecting his time and his knowledge.

His remedies are working for non-vaccinated against COVID-19, as evidenced by thousands of comments on his youtube channel and the "thank you" email replies.

You should know that booking a consultation and paying the fee indicates you have read and agree 100% with our refund policy and accept it as is.

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If you need answers real answers and solutions that really work for your health issues or nano detoxification, please submit your request via the form.  

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