Have you ever considered buying silver or gold coins?

You may be wondering why you should consider investing in silver coins.

There are many reasons to invest in silver coins, some of which include their low price, their stable market, and their small size. Let’s take a look at some of the many advantages of investing in silver coins.


While silver bullion prices have historically risen with other precious metals, one of silver’s best qualities is that it is one of the most affordable ways to invest. A single-ounce coin can be purchased for under $20 or as much as $100, depending on purity and type. The American Eagle Coin from US Mint is an affordable investment option, available online and at many brick-and-mortar locations for around $30 per piece, at the time this post was written.


The silver market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week. So, whether you're based in New York or California, you can buy and sell your silver whenever you want.


Many products seem abundant—until you take a closer look. And then it becomes obvious that there is actually a limited supply of high-quality products for sale. High-quality silver coins, for example, are quite scarce. What does that mean for your investment? It means you could make a lot of money on your purchase—even if silver prices remain stable! Read on to find out why investing in silver coins might be an ideal choice for your investment portfolio.


One of silver’s biggest advantages is its portability. You can easily move silver around, and you don’t have to worry about security like you would with gold or stocks. If silver prices go up, you can sell your coins for a profit. If silver drops in value, you can always re-invest at a later date.

Easy to Sell

Another advantage of silver coins is that they are easy to sell. If you decide to cash out, you can take them to a coin shop or trade them with your local dealer. Also, it’s fairly easy to check on their current value – all you need is a few online price guides and you’ll know exactly how much your collection is worth.

Additional Benefits

1. Stability

You can depend on the silver to be more stable as an investment than stocks or crypto, for example. That's because inflation does not reduce the value of silver like it does other types of assets.

2. Resale

The second-hand silver coins can be sold in the state they were purchased, which eliminates the need to work with a dealer or go through the authentication process in order to resell them. If you want to, you can sell them back to any company that trades in precious metals like pawnshops and coin shops.

3. Recognisable

In most countries, bullion coins are manufactured and numismatic coins are not. It's much easier to identify these coins and see what they're worth, which might not be as easy with foreign counterparts. Numismatic coins are traditionally considered more for their metal content than for their rarity or their design. Numismatic coins have a higher value.

4. Privacy

Buying and selling silver bullion coins online reduces the risk of somebody figuring out your investment strategy and profiting from it. In contrast to their counterparts, a silver coin is never required to be authenticated and this doesn't apply to any transactions associated with the coin.

5. Variety

Many different types of silver coins that are rated as being investment-grade are available for purchase, including American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Austrian Philharmonics, and more. So, find what you like depending on your preference - whether that be a rare vintage coin or something more common, but less aesthetically pleasing.

6. Liquidity

When you invest in something like silver coins, it's easier to liquidate those investments if needed. That's why investing in precious metals is such a prudent strategy when compared to other forms of investment, such as real estate.

7. Low Fees

Purchasing silver assets typically involves fewer fees than buying stocks or bonds. Silver coins are typically easier to buy and sell because they usually have less paperwork and legal formalities involved.

8. Diversification

Investing in Silver coins can be a wise decision in your well-diversified investment portfolio. As they don't rely on just one industry or sector to provide value, they have more reliable growth potential.

9. A hedge against inflation

Silver is often used as a hedge against inflation because its price usually rises with the cost of goods and services. Due to its consistency during times of economic turbulence, this becomes a valuable asset to own.

10. Portable

It is easy to carry around, which makes it a good investment for people who frequently travel or who live in small spaces. You can keep a limited number of silver coins at home, in your car, or wherever else you might need them without worrying about how much space they will take up.

Grade Does Mater

The silver coins are characterized and valued by their quality.

A reliable source for grading and knowing the current value of your coins is the Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC®) NGC, is the world's largest and most trusted third-party grading service for coins, tokens, and medals.

What is the coin’s grade?

A coin’s grade is a simple yet highly accurate way to convey its condition and appearance.

NGC grades problem-free US and world coins on an internationally recognized scale of 1 to 70.

Coins certified by NGC are guaranteed not to be over-graded.

Strike Types

NGC uses two-letter codes before a coin’s numeric grade to describe its method of production and overall appearance. The most common are MS for Mint State coins (those struck for circulation) and PF for Proof coins (those struck for collectors).

Another strike type is SP for Specimen, which describes a coin that falls short of the definition for actual Proofs but is superior to the normal currency issues.

A Mint State or Proof 70 coin is defined as a coin having no post-production imperfections at 5x magnification. It is symbolized with the letter MS followed by the number of the grade. For example MS70.

Why is important to get always coins with the highest grade?

Let us take as an example the American Eagle Silver Coin.

As we can see in this table, usually there is a big difference in the current price between MS69 and MS70 grade coins. Of course, the number of available coins also determines the current value of the coin.

In the example below, the 2020 US Silver Eagle, the date this post was written had a value of $5 USD for grade MS66, $448 USD for MS67, and $75 USD for MS68, but it jump up to $133,263 USD for MS69 and $203,481 USD for MS70!

Do you see why is important to have a certified graded coin and most importantly the highest grade possible?

Where do I purchase my silver coins and why from there?

In general, I have three criteria I take into account when I purchase a product or promote a product.

  • Why this company exists and why anyone should care?
  • The product itself!
  • Ultimate Collateral

Let me explain

  1. 1. Why this company exists and why anyone should care?

  2. In other words, what is the mission of the company? The leadership of the company, where is based, and if possible, the financial health of the company and its rating.

  1. 2. The product itself!

  2. Criteria.

  3. 1. mass marketing, (is there a big demand for the product)

  4. 2. "Mama's test": Can I sell that product in good conscience to people that matter to me, because I know it will be good for them (even if there wasn't any compensation plan).

3. Ultimate Collateral

Will anyone take my product as collateral, if I have a need to borrow money and give collateral?

Currently, I purchase collective coins, exclusively MS70 and MP70 grades at dealers' prices.

I skip middleman's fees.

At the same time, the specific company allows me to earn money not only from the increasing value of the silver and the value of the collective coins but from supporting others to purchase their coins as well.

They have an exclusive Marketing System for earning 7K USD or more per week from silver & gold coins.

The company's proprietary, exclusive marketing system is designed with one thing in mind - to help us build a solid $7,000 per week income (or much more) while helping many people build real wealth with gold and silver.

When meeting the compensation conditions, it starts with 500 USD/week and increases.

Join us on the mission to change people's futures for the better, putting your wealth on "auto pilot"!

Register to watch the (a bit lengthy) webinar for more information for the "wealth autopilot" with silver and gold coins here.

At the end of the webinar, follow the instruction and request access to the company. I will contact you for further details.

Please note that currently the membership and purchase from the specific company are available in six countries, where they have vaults and can ship the coins to your address.

United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico.

If you are having a residence or business address as a physical person or LLC company, in any of these six countries, you can create a membership and start investing already in silver and/or gold coins, the only sound money for thousands of years.

Invest 1.5 hours and watch the "Wealth Autopilot" with silver and gold coins webinar here. You will be thankful for watching it and getting the opportunity to have your wealth on autopilot with real, sound money.

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