If you’re making homemade baby formula, you might be worried about the quality of your milk substitute and whether it contains all the nutrients your child needs to grow and thrive. Don’t fret!

The truth is that most commercial formulas are not much better than homemade infant milk formulas, especially if you choose the right ingredients for your recipe and make sure you’re getting plenty of fats and calories into the mix.

This article gives you four easy recipes for homemade baby formula, far healthier than the commercial ones, to give your little one exactly what they need to grow up strong and healthy.

Furthermore, pregnant moms or moms working on pregnancy can make these for themselves so their breasts "don’t go dry" from milk, and they will have ample milk for their babies.

Also, nursing mothers can drink the following formulas to keep their bones from drying out from removing and relocating nutrients and minerals from the nursing to the baby.

Also, even if you are not a mother, the following are excellent protein drinks!

How to Make Homemade Baby Formula 1 - With Fermented dairy

Get 16 oz (473 ml) of any form of fermented dairy (for example kefir, liquified yogurt but make sure it has full fat, ideal 8-10%, )Add

- 1 tsp of gelatin

- 1 tsp of coconut oil or ghee

- 1 raw egg ( optional)

- 1 tsp of colostrum - Try to get colostrum that is not 99% milk and just 1% colostrum! (it will fortify the immune system of the child.

- Optionally you can add 1 drop iodine Lugols solution 5%- mix ( use a blender ) and serve or heat (bain-marie) after when is time to feed the baby.


Break the egg in a bowl.

Add one or two drops of Essential oil of Rosemary or Thyme or even a drop of Cinnamon.

Put them in a jar and mix it well or blend well the essential oils with the egg.

We add the egg because not only adds some fats, but the egg yolk has components in it that help brain development.

Add essential oil of rosemary, bay, sage, and thyme to a jar and mix them.

All these herbs are also brain nutrients but also neutralize any bacteria that may be in the egg.

Mix them together very well!

Add them to the formula,

Add the sweetener (see below), and there you go.

How to Make Homemade Baby Formula 2 - With Evaporated milk

Evaporated milk, like Carnation milk, with full fat. (ideally 8-10% fat)

-- add 1 egg

-- add 1 tsp of gelatin

-- add saturated fat of choice (ghee, or coconut oil for example)

-- Optional add equal volume water as the carnation milk + half more (1.5x water of the volume of the milk)

-- mix well

-- Warm and serve

How to Make Homemade Baby Formula 3 - With Powdered milk

Use powdered milk. Add:

-- 2 tsp of saturated fats

-- 1 tsp gelatin

-- 1 egg

-- 1 tsp colostrum

-- 16 oz (473 ml) distilled or RO (reverse osmosis) water

-- mix

--blend, until smooth

-- Warm and serve

How to Make Homemade Baby Formula 4 - with Whey Protein Powder

Whey protein powder WITHOUT sucralose -aspartame -neotame -Splenda acesulfame K. Add:

-- 16 oz (473 ml)of distilled water or Reverse Osmosis

-- 1 egg

-- 2 tsp of maple syrup or xylitol; even white sugar is safer than all the new sweeteners on the market today. Or straight glucose or dextrose

-- add colostrum.

-- optional you can put a drop of iodine in with this formula or any other


  • If you use sweetener, it shall be xylitol or maple syrup
  • No honey for the babies
  • Even 1/2 or 1 tsp of glycerine can be fine
  • You can add a few drops of vanillas as an option.


You can add a mineral complex of some kind with electrolytes -- has some

Do not use trace elements! A lot of them are toxic metals

IF you can not find you can have other brand capsules as long it does not have silica in them (silica dioxide)

If you want to increase emulsification add a ½-1 tsp of sunflower lecithin powder

BONUS: Making Jello for Kids

Make JELLO for KIDS, The power-packed Jello!

Add your gelatin, some minerals, and some B vitamins, and you have a nutritious supplement.

How? Follow the steps below:

Get a bowl and add:

-- 16 oz (473 ml) of water

-- open up 3-6 capsules of your B vitamins, herbs extracts, etc. and add them to water either blend or mix well

-- add your sugar to your gelatin, which can be also juices. Attention if you use juice: filter any juice store-bought with the oil filtering* (we need to filter it to remove the engineered nanoparticles that are on and in the fruits due to geoengineering - they spray on the skies which within 24-48 hours are on the surface, on the plants on the fruits, on our skin, on our animals, etc.).

-- do not use papaya or pineapple juice

-- Put the filtered juice in a pot

-- instead of water, add the filtered juice to 16 oz (473 ml)

-- mix in your gelatin. Note: if you have an aversion to this, then add pectin

--simmer till it all dissolves.

-- Add your vitamin B solution (first mix them and dissolve them in another glass.) Also now you can add other minerals or herbs you may want to add.

-- mix in well

-- chill and let it solidify

-- serve to the kids.

This jello has 21 peptides for the development of kids.

There is a vitamin B complex also in this which produces co-enzymes and co-factors that helps to break down proteins and other components! You have made a hydrogel. Don't put a lot of capsules (Vitamin B complex and minerals, maybe 1-3 capsules or if in powder form, just a teaspoon, and that is it).

In the total volume, the vitamins and minerals will be at micrograms, so they will not overload kids' systems.

You can give it to the kids, and you can eat it yourself.

You just made your Vit B supplement.

*Filtering nanoparticles with oil:

Put the juice in a blender.

Add a teaspoon of peanut oil.

Blend it for five mins.

Put the mixed juice in a jar.

Let the oil raise on top.

Refrigerate for as long as the oil you used needs to be solidified.

When the oil is solidified on the top scoop it out.

The nanoparticles are attached to the oil and this filtering method removes a big load of them from the juice.

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