How to Choose the Right Electrical components for your anti-nano device

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Due to the saturation of engineered nanoparticles in our bodies, many persons are suffering from different health problems which only persist and get worse, no matter what treatments are getting from their doctors.

The engineered nanoparticles in the body form different assemblies. They have different programs and are causing different health issues.

Furthermore, they act as antennas for electromagnetic signals.

Some of these nano-assemblies even act as receivers or/and transmitters of signals in the body and from the body to the outside world. 

Countless persons successfully remove these nanoparticles with their straightforward but efficient Antinano devices.

Many, though, are unaware of the importance of choosing the right electrical components, which results in a non-operating device.

Some persons will purchase the power supply or other components that will last for a while and then burn again. 

Invest in the training that will save you from wasting money on components that either do not work or last for a while when you connect your anti-nano bucket or triangle.

Learn how to correctly calculate the energy your anti-nano bucket or triangle requires, and then choose the right components!

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Step #1-2

Understanding the problem

We will review the current situation, problems, and implications. We will review some basic physic's laws

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Step #3

Learning the solutions

Systems work, people fail. You'll learn how to measure and calculate the current and power that you need.

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Step #4

Practical examples

We will demonstrate how to select the correct components, like power supply, flasher, and connectors for your devices!

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